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Census Occupations - Beater


Below are some resources I recommend if any of your ancestors in your family tree were beaters.


Description: Someone who worked in the textile industry who 'beat' the cotton by breaking it into small tufts and removing leaf and seeds. By 1850 there were some 550 cotton mills in Lancashire, which had become the hub for the industry. Conditions in those mills were poor with aching head and limbs and nausea being commonplace, not to mention the over-crowding, the smell, the heat, lack of sanitation, the long hours and the repetitive, boring work. Workers developed tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma thanks to the cotton lint in the air. See also: Fustian Weaver, Weaver, Fustian Cutter, Fuller, Beamer, Cotton Feeder, Cotton Winder, Beetler, Billier, Cotton Spinner, Cotton Scavenger, Cotton Weaver, Bobbin Carrier, Bobbin Turner.



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