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Census Occupations - Beamer


Below are some resources I recommend if any of your ancestors in your family tree were beamers.


Description: Someone who worked in the textile industry whose job was to wind the warp (the lengthways yarn in a woven fabric) from the bobbin onto the roller (beam) before putting it on the loom. The yarn went through a comb which kept it evenly spaced. When the beam was full is was taken to be sized. This gave the yarn extra strength as it was soaked in a special mixture, using an adhesive like starch, and a lubricant such as tallow. Conditions in those mills were poor with aching head and limbs and nausea being commonplace, not to mention the over-crowding, the smell, the heat, lack of sanitation, the long hours and the repetitive, boring work.

See also: Beater, Weaver, Fustian Cutter, Fustian Weaver, Cotton Feeder, Cotton Winder, Beetler, Billier, Cotton Spinner, Cotton Scavenger, Cotton Weaver, Bobbin Carrier, Bobbin Turner.



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