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Child Labour - on your tricycle!

1. Victorian Child Workforce

Bomber Command Map, SuperSearch and How Times Have Changed.

1. RAF Bomber Command mapped

As part of the celebration of Bomber Command and the new memorial being built (see previous blog) a wonderful new interactive map of where all the bomber command bases were during World War Two has been created. As someone who has looked into this, trying to trace roving airmen who had romantic attachments, I can tell you that without this kind of excellent resource it is almost impossible to gather this information into one please. The only way was to do it yourself. Now, you don't have to!! and the Daily Telegraph read my mind!

1. and the Daily Telegraph read my mind!

Following on from my blog a few weeks ago The definition of being English it seems that this thorny issue has picked up on by thanks to an article in the Daily Telegraph. The article basically confirms my thoughts about only a handful of peoples being truly British and the rest being a mix. Just goes to show that that you don't need to a professor to have these ideas!

The definition of being English

1. The definition of being English

Where there's a will, Irish ancestry and Stoke Damerel vs Gretna Green.

1.  Where there's a will.........

Heir hunters and the addiction of ancestry

1. Heir Hunters - what is the price of death


I was recently approached by someone looking for help in proving his wife was the heir to an estate. They had taken on some of the debts already and were renovating a house but had to prove no other relation existed.

The Greatest Naval Surname, DNA, Plock and the London Gazette.

1. AncestryDNA


Ancestry recently announced their latest venture, AncestryDNA. I have no doubt it will be a huge success and provide them with a very lucrative side-line. I am intrigued by DNA testing and would like to see what comes up, as I am sure do many of you.  However, I can't help thinking that DNA testing takes the fun out of genealogy. Where is the research, where are the names, the events, the tragedies, the successes? 

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Titanic and frontier genealogy

1. Titanic 

Time to apologise for slavery, Findmypast....again and World War One memorabilia

1. Time to apologise for slavery?

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