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Below is some genealogy information on the Immortalite, a ship from the Royal Navy, that may help searches for military ancestors.

Theatres of War, Army Regiments, Naval Detachments, RAF

French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Description: The first ship to bear the name HMS Immortalite was a 42-gun fifth-rate captured in 1798 by HMS Fisgard. She was previously the French ship Immortalite. In 1800 she captured the French privateer Diabla a Quatre. In 1801 she captured the Dedaigneuse (HMS Oiseau, HMS Amethyst, HMS Sirius, HMS Atalatne and HMS Earl St Vincent). She was taken into service as HMS Dedaigneuse. She also captured the French privateers Laure and Invention (the latter with HMS Arethusa). In 1803 she captured the Paix (with HMS Lynx). In 1805 she captured the Spanish privateer El Intrepide Corune. She was scrapped in 1806.

The second ship to bear this name was a 38-gun fifth-rate captured in 1806 by HMS Atalante. She was previously the French frigate Infatigable. She was scrapped in 1811.

The third ship to bear this name was a 38-gun fifth-rate renamed in 1814. She was previously the HMS Dunira.

Pax Britannica (1815-1895)

Description: She was a receiving ship from 1822. She was sold in 1837.

The fourth ship to bear the name HMS Immortalite was a wooden screw frigate launched in 1859. She was sold in 1883.

  • 1860-1864: Captain George Hancock.
  • 1870-1871: Captain Francis William Sullivan.
  • 1871-1872: Captain William Graham.
  • 1872-1874: Captain Algernon McLennan Lyons.
  • 1874-1877: Captain Francis Alexander Hume.

The fifth ship to bear this name was a cruiser launched in 1887.

Pre-war period

Description: She was sold in 1907.


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