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HMS Hecla


Below is some genealogy information on the Hecla, a ship from the Royal Navy, that may help searches for military ancestors.

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French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Description: The first ship to bear the name HMS Hecla was a 10-gun bombship bought in 1797. She took part in the battle of Copenhagen in 1801. In 1804 the first ship captured the Postilion (with HMS Melpomene, HMS Trusty, HMS Magnanime, HMS Pluto, HMS Meteor, HMS Favorite, HMS Merlin, HMS Ariadne, HMS Zebra, HMS Locust, HMS Nancy and HMS King George). She also captured the Purissima Conception (with HMS Clinker, HMS Melpomene, HMS Regulus, HMS Ariadne, HMS Explosion, HMS Nancy, HMS Hope). She was broken up in 1813.

Pax Britannica (1815-1895)

Description: The second ship to bear the name HMS Hecla was a gunboat launched in 1815. She was part of the naval actions that took place in the Baltic during the Crimean War, bombarding several Russian towns including the fortress of Bomarsund on the Aland Islands. It saw one of it's midshipmen awarded the first ever Victoria Cross for throwing a Russian shell overboard before it could explode.

  • 1816-1816: Commander William Popham.
  • 1819-1820: Lieutenant William Edward Parry.
  • 1821-1823: Commander George Francis Lyon.
  • 1824-1825: Captain William Edward Parry.
  • 1827-1827: Captain William Edward Parry.
  • 1827-1829 (died): Commander Thomas Boteler.
  • 1829-1829: Acting Commander Francis Harding.

The third ship to bear this name was a wooden paddle vessel launched in 1839. In 1854 she helped to capture the Russian ship Patrioten and the ships Carleby and Augusta (both with HMS Arrogant). She was sold in 1863.

  • 1839-1842: Lieutenant John Bettinson Cragg.
  • 1843-1846: Commander John Duffil.
  • 1846-1848: Commander Charles Starmer.
  • 1849-1852: Commander Edward Halhead Beauchamp-Proctor.
  • 1854-1854: Master commander Peter Wellington.
  • 1854-1854: Captain William Hutcheon Hall.
  • 1855-1859: Commander Elphinstone D'Oyly D'Auvergne Aplin.

The fourth ship to bear this name was a storeship transferred from the Treasury Department in 1855. She was renamed HMS Wye

The fifth ship to bear this name was a torpedo boat carrier launched in 1878.

  • 1878-1878: Captain Morgan Singer.
  • 1881-1884: Captain Arthur Knyvet Wilson.

Inter-war period

Description: She was sold in 1926.

World War Two

Description: The sixth ship to bear the name HMS Hecla was a destroyer depot ship launched in 1940. She was sunk in 1942 by U-515.

The seventh ship to bear this name was a repair vessel launched in 1944. She was first loaned and then transferred to the American navy in the same year.

Post-war period (1945-present)

Description: The eighth ship to bear the name HMS Hecla was a survey ship launched in 1964. She was sold in 1997.


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